Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This week in life!

This week in life is just dragging on. We only have 5 days of left of school and it is just dragging by so slow and is a hard week. Teachers are just craming homework in and studying for finals. It is really hard when you have to do the homework  and have to study and have to work during the the day. it is just really hard to do now. since school is almost out. so glad that we only have 5 days left then we are all seniors well the juniors are seniors. yay! only one more year till we are done with high school and wont have to deal with all of this drama.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this week?!.

this weeek is going to be a busy weeek. and an easy week too. all i have to do this week is homework, work and possibly hang with friends. we always have homework so there is no way of getting out of that or i cant get out of work. hanging out with friends is the easy thing. school wont be so streeful this week thats good. work is never stressfull the easiest job on the plante...maybe not. so just ganna have fun hanging with the friends this week.