Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LIFE is ALWAYS busy!!!

Life is always busy, that i have no time for any of my friends anymore i only get to see them sometimes on the weekend and sometime during the week when i dont have homework and i dont have to work....but i have homework all the time and i work some of the time just depends on who is working that day and how many people they need. This week is really busy, it has been really busy at least. I have to write a paper in english, i have a lab report that i have to do, and also have a big assigment in spanish, and man we hardly have spanish homework from mrs. k. The only day i have to work this week is friday and it wont be that hard, its only from 5-8 wow that is alot of hours....not. hey at least i got good hours this week. But yeah life has been really busy for me this week

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