Monday, January 31, 2011


Well we all have been in school since Pre-school or Kindergarten. But is a blur. But the thing we all loved the most was making friends. At least I did. Making friends was the best part of school! We all went through everything. The pressuars your friends put on you and they are not fun. Have late nights, then get in trouble the next day. There is always good times with your friends. Then there are always the bad times you had to deal with or had to go throught with your friends. Like boys, drama, and everything that comes with a friend. We have different personalitys, So do you ever ask yourself, why you choose that person to be you friend or maybe even your best friend? Well i bet you are asking yourself now. HUH? But your best friend or any other friends you have will always be there for you  through the hard and happy times! ALWAYS HAVE FRIENDS AROUND!! =]

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